Monday Miles : January 29 – February 4, 2018

monday miles, running

Today I turn 28! So far, not so different than 27, but I will say this: when I saw that my ten year high school reunion is this year, I could only think, “B-but I just graduated!” It is weird to be closer to thirty than to twenty. I remember turning 25 and telling a friend that in the next five years life will be probably more different for me between now and thirty than between now and twenty. That has proved to be true, especially given I got married at 27. Very different.

I have been terrible about logging my miles so far this year. Typically when I have any sort of consistent running, I immediately want to put everything into Strava so that I can see it pile up. But I think having consistent running usually turn into consistent injury has made me a little bit “meh” about tracking everything.

But I am training. I have been using Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 Half-marathon plan to train for a half in late April (more on that to come). I have so far been pretty consistent — having my longest run this past Saturday at eight miles.

1/29 — Core/IT Band Exercises — 2 x 50 Jane Fonda’s, 2 x 50 Clam shells, 2 x 12 one-legged bridges, 2 x 12 regular bridges; 30 minute walk on the treadmill with 2 minutes @ 15% incline, 3 minutes regular; 2 x 10 push-ups; 2 x 10 assisted pull-ups. I was running hella late for dissertating this day, so I ended up not doing my standard routine.

1/30 — 3 miles (same Core/It Band exercises mentioned for 1/29)

1/31 — 4 miles (Core/IT Band)

2/1 — 3 miles (Core/IT Band)

2/2 — Rest, Massage (was actually pretty sick)

2/3 — 8 miles. I was pretty happy with these miles, ended up running about 10:30/pace. I could have gone faster, but see above about being chronically injured.

2/4MTV Pilates. Yes, I use the youtube version. My mom used to own this back in the day and it did wonders for me the last time I had IT Band issues. Back when I felt the most fit, I did this about once a week.

Total :Β 18 miles

All in all, I feel pretty good. My hips feel fine. My IT Band though is still cranky. I know that not running has not helped with this, so I’m just going to keep my eye on it and keep doing the strength exercises. This upcoming week is a lighter week, so that should help.

Alright, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my birthday!

xo, Ali


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