Monday Miles : February 12 – 18, 2018

monday miles, running

Seven weeks of consistent running! Seven weeks of consistent running! I feel like cheering. When I finished my run Saturday, I was beyond satisfied and still grateful. I am not over half-way through my plan with five weeks to go.

2/12 — MTV Pilates. Always and forever my core go-to. I’ve watched it so much, I can say every line verbatim. “Let’s work our abs!”

2/13 — 3 miles, easy. Core/It Band.

2/14 — I had a total panic attack today. I just woke up feeling in terror and then, terrible. I did Yoga with Adrienne for Stress Relief. I felt bad for not running today, afraid that changing up my schedule for the week would mean I just would not run. As is apparent now, that was not the case, but it goes to show how much perfectionism can stress me out.

2/15 — 5 miles. Up a Wednesday mile from last week. Felt good. Did assisted pull-ups, core, and it band exercises after.

2/16 — 3 miles, easy. Core/It Band.

2/17 — 9 miles. I still have not uploaded any of these miles to Strava or anywhere, but this ended up taking me just a minute or two over an hour and a half. I was pretty happy with it, because it was a pretty hilly run! I ran the first two miles by myself and then Bruno joined me for the rest. My IT Band started getting cranky towards the end and so did my stomach. I’m not sure what is up with that as I did not eat anything different. Typically I drink a beat smoothie from Run Fast East Slow and then use GU’s for the run. I’m assuming maybe it is the latter that is causing problems? Mystery to be solved.

2/18 — JasYoga Hip Mobility, JasYoga Deep Rest. I ate some ice cream. Bruno and I watched the original Blade Runner, total recovery day.

Here’s to (hopefully) another great week of running!

xo, Ali



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