Favorite Things : March 31 – April 6, 2018

favorite things

Greetings from Philadelphia! Here are this week’s favorite things.

I like this idea from Cal Newport on “slow” social media.

C’est pas vrai! Cheeseburgers are now apparently more popular in France than the classic ham and cheese baguette. They show some people who argue this is not exactly true, but Jonathan Fenby notes at the end of his book, France: A Modern History from the Revolution to the War with Terror, the decline of French food in France. He notes, “Eighty per cent of croissants were reckoned to be made in food plans in the early twenty-first century” and that “in 2014, France exported more vodka than cognac.”

When making your to-do list: schedule life first.

And when living your life: run your own race.

On the #metoo movement. Can we enjoy the art of monstrous men?

Advice for life: be prolific.

Amelia Boone’s race report from the Barkley Marathons.

I spent way too much time on this article.

I like the idea of reading Joan Didion more than I actually enjoy reading her, but this article was interesting.

xo, Ali

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