Monday Miles : April 2 – 8, 2018

monday miles, running


Independence Hall


A dud of a week. It started out fine, but with traveling to Connecticut, then to Philadelphia, then back to Connecticut, then back to Michigan, a conference, finishing up my third chapter (or chapters three and four?…more on that later) — it just did not happen this week. I know. I know. Excuses, excuses. But look, the dissertation comes first. Does that mean consequences for running? Absolutely. I’m ok with that.

That said, after two weeks of haphazard running, these next two weeks need to be consistent. April 28 is drawing near. And. I’m. So. Excited.

But, also, I’m so scared. My hamstrings are cranky. No worse than before — which I guess is good news. I have no idea what is going on. They actually do not bother me at all while running, but afterwards they feel tight. But then, the internet keeps giving me different information. Stretch them! Don’t stretch them because they are probably overstretched! Strengthen them! Don’t strengthen them! I just want to say, “Come on, dudes. We’ve made it so far. You both have been so great. We are going to run in the woods and it is going to be such a good time. You will not want us to miss it! So buck up!”

4 / 2 : AM – JasYoga Hip Mobility; 3 miles; 4 x 45 s planks; 50 x clamshells; 50 x Jane Fonda’s. PM – Yoga with Adriene True Day 7.

4 / 3 : PM – 5 miles. The last mile was a complete downpour. It was awesome. Am I the only one who loves running in the rain? Yoga with Adriene True Day 8.

4 / 4 : Drove to Connecticut. Approximately 12 long hours. Can you just feel my hip flexors tightening? I know I could.

4 / 5 : Finishing that third chapter. Turned in.

4 / 6 : Drive to Philadelphia. Conferencing.

4 / 7 : Conferencing, but also Philadelphia-exploring. 3 miles.

4 / 8 : Museum exploration and back to Connecticut.

Total : 11 miles.

I am going to try not to panic for the next two weeks and you are going to try not to judge me for flopping on a long run this week.

xo, Ali



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