Monday Miles : April 9 – 15, 2018

monday miles, running

Before I begin, DESI!!!!!!!!!!! Enough said, right? Amazing. I keep watching the clip of her running in at Boston today (you knew that was today, right?) and well, as a fellow American and fellow Michigander I am very happy and proud. I’m not sure how anyone could watch that and not have happy tears.

Less than two weeks to go until my half-marathon. Training last week started fine and then well, I am starting to feel like Tom Brady’s in his bubble suit in this commercial. Every twist or nudge has led me to panic. And while this is no “Madden curse,” I do feel like I have in my own way a mental hurdle to beat — that fear that every time I sign up and train for a race, that race usually ends up not happening because injuries or health blow-ups. So, yes, the fear.

On a regular three mile run on Thursday, I felt my left foot suddenly get really cranky. Like not in an achy sort of way, but in a “please stop” way.  And it was totally my fault. I made a rookie mistake. You see, with all these doctors appointments, EGD’s, an ultrasound, etc. — none of it has been cheap, so I kept putting off getting new shoes even through it very clearly was time.

It almost threw me into panic mode on Thursday and for the rest of the weekend. But you know what? I stopped myself. I bought a new pair of shoes. They will get here on Wednesday. I started sleeping in my PF boot. I iced my foot. I rolled it out. Instead of doing my runs, I biked instead.

And you know what? My left foot is not great, but it is significantly better. And it will be fine. My loathing of being on a bike? It ended up not being that bad, even enjoyable. I’ll keep working on it and whatever happens on April 28 will happen. I already know that I am not doing it for time and it will kick my ass — and I have been looking forward to that. Nothing has changed.

4 / 9 : Nada, prepared to head back to Michigan from Connecticut.

4 / 10 : Core, hips, IT band. Ran 5 miles. These miles felt really good. Also, known as the post-ice cream run.

4 / 11 : Endoscopy. All clear! But sedatives made me too tired to do much movement the rest of the day.

4 / 12 : Core, hips, IT band. Easy three miles. About half-way through this run, left foot started hurting out of nowhere. Yoga with Adriene, True Day 9, Open. Romwod.

4 / 13 : Foot still hurt, decided to cycle instead. 40 minutes (I honestly have no idea how far this was — I just was trying to burn approximately the amount of calories I would in a three mile run). Core, hips, IT band. Romwod.

4 / 14 : Home in Ohio for the weekend! Yoga with Adriene, True Day 10, Detox. Jasyoga Lower Legs and Feet. Romwod. Core, hips, IT Band.

4 / 15 : Back to Michigan! 1.5 hours cycle, .5 hour walk on treadmill. Once again, no idea the distance (well, the walk was two miles), but tried to approximate how many calories I would burn. Romwod.

Not the mileage I would have liked. I wanted to have just two regular normal weeks of training before next week Saturday, but that’s life. I’m happy to improvise.

xo, Ali









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