Favorite Things : May 19 – 25, 2018

favorite things

I turned in dissertation chapter three yesterday. I had to split the original chapter three in two chapters — so this is the outcome of the division. I took the day off, did some yoga, got a massage, and have been watching lots of The Crown (probably inspired by last week’s royal wedding).

I’m hanging out with some fellow grad school ladies tonight, but other than that the plans for this weekend are to relax. I have a run planned for tomorrow and another bike ride on Sunday, but I’m mainly just hoping to rest up and be ready for Monday when I do (a much scaled down…that is no vest or pull-ups for me) Murph.

And now, without further ado, this week’s favorite things.

If you’re a Midwesterner, this’ll crack you up.

Sabrina Little’s Trail World Championship race report. As a fellow Ph.D. student/nerd I always appreciate her reports.

Alumni from my college doing a beautiful thing: starting a yoga non-profit that helps survivors of domestic abuse heal.

Reminder: The gift of being a failure.

I have to remind myself of this for graduate school too.

One mother’s journey from Olympic trials to the Crossfit games.

Something to think about: what issues is obsessing about work outs and your body distracting you from?

I hope you enjoy your three-day weekend. Monday Miles post will be on Tuesday next week, because I suspect I will be too tired to write!

xo, Ali




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