Favorite Things : August 18 – 24, 2018

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Tomorrow is the day! And it still looks like it is going to storm. I’m still hoping it will turn out ok. I have not received any emails about any possible cancellations or what the plan is if inclement weather arrives. I also know how Michigan can be. It can be projected to storm all week and then it ends up a beautiful, lovely day. I keep checking to see if anything, anything has changed. Nope.

That all said, without further ado, here are this week’s favorite things:

I love that Cup of Jo featured a home near Dayton, Ohio (the closest city to my hometown)!

The only way to live your life.

I hated gym class and was definitely always the last person to be picked for any team. That said, I still like sports. I must be an anomaly.

Loved this article on Michigan breweries on the North Country Trail. I’ve been to three. What I did not know about was the North Country Trail. I will definitely start exploring now. This Ohioan is always so amazed at what there is to do in Michigan. I-er-mean-uh-go-Bucks!

It was a short one this week. Getting ready for the semester means less time on the internet, which honestly is a good thing.

xo, Ali






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