Favorite Things : December 1 – 7, 2018

favorite things

I feel wiped out this week. I have not been sick, but just thoroughly drained. I’m hoping this weekend will involve some relaxation and some Harry Potter-time. No big plans other than an ugly Christmas sweater CrossFit WOD tomorrow and a long run on Sunday. I’d like to try to make some homemade cinnamon rolls, but we’ll see.

Without further ado — here are this week’s favorite things:

If you haven’t listened to Katie and Dominic Grossman’s interview on Ultra Runner Podcast yet, do so. Not that I’ve ever been a long-distance or large volume weekly runner, but I appreciate the acknowledgement that pregnancy is complicated and well, more gray, than either you can do it all or cannot do anything at all.

The interview led me to this great piece by Katie. I feel this on a daily basis, not necessarily running, but with writing my dissertation or anything graduate school related. Is it pregnancy or laziness?

“In maternity, this translates to the fear that by allowing my runs to turn to hikes or sometimes to nothing at all that I’m just using pregnancy as an excuse. Sometimes it feels like that is what the world is telling me – you’re giving up because you’re not actually that dedicated, you’re making excuses to lay on the couch, you need to try harder if you really want to be an accomplished athlete. I’m not certain if this is a result of the more modern focus on the value and acceptance of exercise and the competitive women who drive that message, or of my own lack of self acceptance. I’m sure it’s a combination of both. To the opposite end, I know that you’re supposed to take exercise easier and watch your heart rate and all that jazz, but at what point is it just being lazy? Where is the line? Why am I not “doing pregnancy” better? And why the hell can’t I find examples of anyone else here in the grey with me?! INTERNET, YOU ARE FAILING ME.”

Strava data on the state of running.

I’m not freelance, but I do a lot of my work from home. How to maintain your sanity.

Western States 100 and Hardrock 100 lottery results.

Break your digital addiction — this is a never ending battle.

When you’re running and it hurts, there is one solution. Go faster.

I love seeing what people eat during race training.

I think growing up I was more drawn to the hedonistic artist-types like Ernest Hemingway or rock stars, but now I find myself drawn more to the ascetic artist-types. NYT article on how the myth of the hedonistic artist has lost its allure.

Have a great weekend!

xo, Ali


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