Favorite Things : December 11 – 21, 2018

favorite things

I’m home in Ohio and about to head South to Dayton for some Dorothy Lane Market cookies and a lunch date with my mom. We leave for Connecticut on Sunday, making an overnight stop in Pennsylvania to break the eleven to twelve hour drive up. It is nice to be home and it is nice to see family, but I miss our place in Michigan and look forward to maybe not traveling for the holidays (maybe post-baby ha!).

I’ll post a few short things next week, but will be radio silent for Christmas. I hope you all enjoy your holidays and hopefully, hopefully make some time to relax and enjoy some eggnog and cookies.

And without further ado, this week’s favorite things:

Tis the season to fall back in love with your dreadmill.err…I mean treadmill.

Maybe controversial but still good — worshipping the idols of wellness.

Ultramarathoner Sabrina Little writes a Discourse on Cheating.

For those of you with writing aspirations for 2019.

Ultramarathoner Anna Frost on the coexistence of pregnancy and running.

Why is it so hard for runners to cycle and cyclists to run?

Have a wonderful weekend and Merry Christmas!

xo, Ali


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