Monday…I mean Wednesday…Miles : December 24 – 30, 2018 (16-17 Weeks Pregnant)

crossfit, monday miles, running

I know for a lot of people the holidays are a time to stay on track. Normally, I am one of those people. Normally, I’m the person who gets up early on Christmas to get a run in before heading over to my dad’s to open presents. But we did a lot of travel. Those seven days include four days of driving, two hotel nights, and visits to three different states — Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

I knew my plans would be blown and then I would get frustrated, so I just decided not to worry about it at all. That ended up being for the best, I think. I know that now especially being back and having two good days of running. I needed a bit of break to recover.

So here it is – the 2018 recovery week, the week I recovered because I chose to, not because pregnancy or being sick or injured kept me away.

12 – 24 : The only day I ran. 2.1 miles. 25 minutes. 11:48/mile. This was on a hotel treadmill in the middle-of-nowhere, Pennsylvania. However, it happened to a middle-of-nowhere with an excellent burger place. If you are driving I-80 and are hungry, do me a favor. Stop here.

12 – 25 : Rest. I honestly cannot remember what I did Christmas day. We were in Connecticut, so I think we watched movies and ate Brazilian food.

12 – 26 : Went to Barnes and Nobles and hung around all day.

12 – 27 : Spent some quality time with my dissertation. Tried not to panic. I drank an NA beer and was not disappointed. Being in Connecticut, I wanted to try Athletic Brewing’s beer (they only brew NA), but we tried several different liquor stores around Waterbury and still could not find it! Bah. Anyway, I really missed the taste of beer and Clausthaler got the job done. Bruno said he would not have been able to tell the difference. Also, Bruno does not like beer.


12 – 28 : Last day in Connecticut. Ate pastel. Homemade by my mother-in-law, of course.

12 – 29 : Drove halfway home. Stopped at same delicious burger place in Clearfield, Pennsylvania.

12 – 30 : Made it home. Rejoiced, because I missed home, a regular schedule, running, CrossFit, and all the things that make life delightful.

Totals : 2.1 miles, 25 minutes.

Next week, there will actually be miles ran and weight lifted.


xo, Ali




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