Favorite Things : January 26 – February 1, 2019

favorite things

Happy Friday, all! If you are in the mid-west, I hope you are surviving. I was outside for just a bit today after CrossFit and it felt really pleasant outside. It was in fact 12 degrees. Crazy what a few days of -40 degree weather will do to how you feel the cold! On Sunday when it will be 48 degrees, it will feel like summer!

I have a short list of links for you this week. I’ve been kind of watching my internet time while I am trying to get things done, so not as much web surfing was done. That said, it did end up being a productive week. That Cal Newport might be onto something.

Fun fact: Not exercising may be worse for you than smoking.

I will be following the Foodie Runner’s post-partum running journey very closely. Even though I know everyone’s experience is different, I kind of want to know what a return to running post-partum looks like. I did enjoy another one of her posts on running while pregnant.

Making fun of the bourgeois Peloton bike advertisements.

Perhaps controversial, but I think this article by Lionel Shriver on our indictment of art during the #metoo era worth thinking about.

Have a great weekend!