Favorite Things : May 4 – 10, 2019

favorite things

Graduation is tomorrow. I will be rocking those big doctoral gowns (I’m renting) and will walk across stage to receive my diploma for my Ph.D. I have to confess (authenticity being a virtue and all) that this seems sort of “meh.” When I presented my dissertation, that felt like a big moment, the moment I was done, the moment I shared my hard work. This just seems like a task I have to do on a Saturday, along with making bread, yogurt, and cleaning the house before my parents and grandparents arrive.

Bruno and I found out what classes we are teaching next year, so finally I have a project to work on. I’m grateful. I still do not seem to have the capacity for long-term concentration on anything related to Rousseau or my dissertation, though I have been working on edits for my journal article. However, I can spend all day reading American history. I also just love having direction and goals again. Plus, I mean…American history…it really is a joy.

Not too much for favorite things this week. I really have not spent too much time loafing around on the internet (!).

Habits of “lucky” people.

I’m always complaining about how cold the library at my school is. I love that this exists.

Apparently the fashionable aperol spritzes are causing controversy (I’ve always preferred campari spritzes myself).

I may have to write more on this, but I keep seeing this New Republic article shared and compared to the sports-writing article I shared from last week, the writer seems incredibly entitled. Who promised the intellectual life was a money-maker? (Asks the political theory Ph.D.)

What are your plans for this weekend? Anything on the internet catch your eye?







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