Monday Miles : November 26 – December 2, 2018 (12-13 Weeks Pregnant)

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There were some highs and lows to running this week. I missed two of my runs. I had an excellent long run. Mostly, though, I felt good during my work outs – both running and CrossFit. Right before Thanksgiving, during CrossFit, I felt wiped out. Like so wiped out that we were supposed to five rounds of a work-out and I could only manage four in the time allotted. My energy felt much better this week.

Diet might be helping with that. Leaving my diet of Kraft macaroni and cheese and Ben and Jerry’s for a return to green morning shakes and actually home cooked food has helped immensely. It feels good to be back in the kitchen again. I still crave fried chicken smothered in Frank’s Red Hot, but lately that has been on top of salad instead on two pieces of white bread. That said, I still had two pizzas this week and plenty of dessert — but that was more for social rather than craving reasons.

Ok — so work outs for this week:

11 – 26 : 30 minutes on the new bike trainer. 9 minute warm-up, 4 x 1 minute sprint with 4 minute recovery. Not yet having the fancy accoutrements for knowing how far, how much power, etc. for my bike, I have no idea how much I did except that I sweat a lot.

11 – 27 : Rest. Went to the chiropractor for low-back and tailbone pain.

11 – 28 : Rest. I was not feeling good on this day.

11 – 29 : Run. 20 minutes, 1.82 miles. 10:43/mile. CrossFit: 5 x 500m row sprints with 5 minute recovery. Splits: 2:06.2, 2:04.5, 2:10.7, 2:13.3, 2:08.8. I did this work out in 8-2-18. I did about the same, no PR, but I was happy with how it went given how crappy my aerobic capacity has felt lately.

11 – 30 : Run. 45 minutes, 4 miles. 11:18/mile. This was pretty slow, but I took a pretty hilly route and underestimated how much those hills would wind me. There was a lot of walking on this “run.” CrossFit: Strength. Shoulder press – 3 sets for every 2 minutes 30 seconds: 55 lbs., 60, 60 (could only do 2), 60 (could only do 1), 55 lbs. My one-rep shoulder press is 60 lbs. so I guess I improved by now being able to do three?

12 – 1 : Rest. Horrible headache and eyesight problems.

12 – 2 : Run. 75 minutes. 7.44 miles, 10:05/mile. I may be running while pregnant and feel like I’m sucking air through a straw, but I can still negative split like a boss: 10:37, 10:26, 10:21, 10:14, 10:06, 9:57, 9:24, 9:00 (for the last .44). I cannot express how happy I am with this run. I know I will get slower through the months, but this run made clear I didn’t lose all the fitness I developed when I took a break during my first couple months of pregnancy. It may have been a very foggy and creepy looking run (see below), but I felt so much joy!


Baw-Beese Trail in the fog. 

Totals : Running. 2 hours 50 minutes, 13.2 miles. CrossFit. 2 hours. Cycling. 30 minutes. All – 5 hours 20 minutes.


xo, Ali


A Bike Named Caterina Sforza

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My great-grandma’s name was Bernadette. She passed away the summer before I started college, but I had the pleasure of growing up close to her. We used to pick her up and take her to a restaurant she liked. The restaurant was more like a diner known for its pies. It looked like nothing special, but had a beautiful view of a lake.

While Bruno and I were home in Ohio, I took him there to get some pie. As we got out of his truck, I noticed a bike shop across the street. I did not know the bike shop existed. We debated on whether we should check it out. I was inclined no, Bruno was inclined yes. You see, I needed a bike, but was trying to put it off until stipend checks were issued in August. I did not want to see a bike I liked and be heartbroken because we could not buy it yet, trying to be responsible and all.

We ended up popping in. I didn’t see anything I liked, but then I turned around and there it was: a red and black used Trek Alpha. It was the brand I wanted and the colors I wanted. The store owner fitted me. It was my size. It was also the price I wanted at around $400. He said it was older, but the owner hardly ever rode it and switched to a different style of bike. I couldn’t believe it. There it was. There was my bike.

We did not buy the bike. We went to the restaurant and the next day left for Nashville for three days. I could not stop thinking about the bike, but I kept telling Bruno it was not the time. But he said if it was there when we returned from Nashville, I should at least go and ride it. So on Thursday, June 28 (also Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s birthday), I tried the bike out.

And I loved it. I’ve never ridden a road bike before and it was a whole new experience. It felt easy compared to the rickety mountain bike I had been using. So. We bought her. She is considered Bruno’s first anniversary present, Christmas, and birthday present all rolled into one.


I named her Caterina Sforza, who makes a fairly notorious appearance in history and in Machiavelli. I love her. I never thought I would be a bike person, but I guess here I am.

xo, Ali