Favorite Things : April 13 – 17, 2019

favorite things

This is short week for posts. As it is Holy Week, beginning tomorrow I want to keep my internet use to a minimum and take some time away from my computer. We have no plans for Easter this year, other than probably the never-ending process of getting the house move-ready and baby-ready at the same time — quite a feat, I tell you!

Here are this week’s favorite things:

How do you get your news? The quest for slower, better news.

From Carrots for Michaelmas, Goodnight, Notre Dame. Easter Morning is Still Coming.

Educating myself in preparation for the move: 17 Tex-Mex Dishes Every Self-Respecting Austinite Should Know.

Another great post from Sabrina Little — “Practicing Bravery in My Sneakers.”

That’s all for this week! Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone!



Favorite Things : April 6 – 12, 2019

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I am a complete mucous mess this week. I had been coughing all last weekend, but nothing more. Then came the deluge. Usually colds take me out for a day. I get a good night’s sleep and wake up the next day not 100%, but significantly better. I had no idea what fresh hell a cold while pregnant could be. I am barely sleeping and barely functional. I called the ob-gyn’s office this morning asking, “Please, please is there anything I can take to sleep?” The woman on the phone was so kind. I included her in my thankful list today when she said the magic word I had been longing to hear: “Benadryl.”

So this week is pretty low on the favorite things. Being sick, most of my favorite things have involved me curling up on the couch watching Netflix. We watched Solo (which I liked a lot more than expected). Afterwards, we finally got our Prime to work to watch the first episode of Catastrophe. It was a lazy day of epic proportions, which will probably be repeated again.

A week late, but a good compilation of what to read and watch commemorating Kurt Cobain’s death.

Stephanie Case on being a “loser, failure, and quitter” in the Barkley Marathons.

Sarah Sellers, who was second last year at the Boston Marathon, on combining a full-time job with elite training.

My post-dissertation life : busy doing nothing (actually this book sounds really interesting).

Have a great weekend!

Favorite Things : March 30 – April 5, 2019

favorite things

Happy Friday! I slept in today — around 7 am. Plans for the day include CrossFit at noon (lots of dead-lifts in the wod today!) and writing a book review. The house is a mild chaos at the moment, so I’m hoping to get some pre-weekend cleaning and laundry in. Then this afternoon, I have a date with the scanner as I continue to scan and recycle all my class notes to downsize before the move. The boxes of notes just continue to stare at me. So much paper!

I don’t have much planned for the weekend (what else is new?), but I would really like to enjoy the weather and go out for a walk, even if for only a few minutes. It is strange that I can have no problem doing a dead-lift, front squat, or thruster, but walking is uncomfortable and painful. I miss being outside though. I miss listening to podcasts or music while moving. I love CrossFit, but I miss that alone time that I have with running. I’m going to go for twenty minutes, so fingers crossed.

Here are this week’s favorite things:

I’ve never heard of Sara Vaughn before. I loved this article on running, pregnancy, and post-natal comebacks. Now to go scroll throughย her instagram!

I found this pretty apt while we are currently on our own apartment hunt, although no apartments we’ve considered offer dogs you can rent yet.

Yes! Much agreed. #teamarugula all the way. Also — the author does not mention that it actually lasts all week in the fridge instead of becoming disgusting, soggy, and brown like spinach. I eat an arugla salad almost every single day.

I keep seeing it shared, but if you missed it, you should read this NYT article on why we procrastinate and then read Sarah Lavender Smith’s blog post on How to Get Started.

Number five can be the hardest one for me: ways to be a better listener.

The wonderful Caitlin Flanagan on the college admissions scandal — They Had it Coming.

What are your plans for this weekend?


Favorite Things : March 23 – 29, 2019

favorite things

Good morning! I’m up early today. Some days I am unable to sleep past 3:30, so I’ll get up for a few hours and go back to sleep later in the morning. Ah, that post-dissertation flexible schedule life!

I have no big plans for this weekend again…thank goodness! I’m hoping to finish a revise and resubmit and send it back out today and get some packing and cleaning done. Other than that, I think some couch time with a good book is in order.

Here are this week’s favorite things:

Saved for post-baby goals: Eight things ultrarunners can do to improve training.ย 

Snowplow parenting.

50 miler recap which is a good reminder of the importance of patience.

Your first three hours of work will make you or break you.

But also — morning rituals for the reasonably productive.

Life goals.

What a beautiful and important post on special needs from Cup of Jo.

Will a woman finish the Barkley Marathons this year?

I have never visisted Tulum (nor have a ever planned on it), and I have to wonder after reading this article whether it is ethical to do so.

Interesting (depressing) article from the Chronicle about the destruction of the college faculty profession.

What are your plans for this weekend?


Favorite Things: March 16 – 22, 2019

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I just finished 19.5 scaled and I am still recovering. I’ll have more to say later, but for now — that was an experience. I’m not sure I’ll ever feel better.

The weekend is for recovery — from what just happened and from a mildly busy week. I’m hoping to do some reading and relaxing. We have no special plans and are just grateful to not have to travel anywhere for awhile again. In the words of John Denver, “Hey it’s good to be back home again.”

They need a baby registry too!

Mine is chicken, salad, and sweet potatoes. Every single day.

We don’t have a dishwasher, so when I cook, Bruno cleans. In the morning, I put the dishes away.

Do you like your work? I enjoyed this list of reasons why he likes his work by John Warner.

The relationship between work and religion.

I love Amelia Boone. Her latest on injury: Don’ t fight the water.ย 

Six principles for mastery.

Found this while doing some google searching. Not just for CrossFitters! Here are some benefits of rowing for runners.

Do you follow Feeding the Frasers on Instagram? I swear Sammy Moniz posts the easiest and most delicious meal ideas (glad I’m not paleo!!).

Does pregnancy mean giving up all outdoor sports? Good thing the answer is no.

What about you? Big plans for this weekend? Feel like you are never going to feel better after 19.5?

Favorite Things: March 2 – 15, 2019

favorite things

Good morning and happy Friday! During my travels, I had the misfortune of sitting across the aisle from a woman who was clearly sick. And guess what? Now I’m sick. I have not so much as caught a cold most of this pregnancy and one week of traveling and my immune system is like, “What happened?” Luckily not too much going on today. I’ll make an attempt at 19.4 and then we’re heading down to Ohio for the rest of the weekend. I’m ready to get back on a regular schedule next week.

Any time I sign up for a race: the power of a fear-based fitness plan.

Helpful to some of my 1% goals — how to eat out less. Related.

Have you been following the college admission bribery scandal? I agree there is an even bigger lie behind it — about college in general.

Related: Athletes who lied missed all the rewards.

I am this person.

I am loving Katie Arnold’s column “Raising Rippers” on raising adventurous children.

Big plans for this weekend? I know it is St. Patrick’s Day, but I’ll probably be quietly celebrating by relaxing and not doing anything.

Have a great weekend!




Favorite Things : February 23 – March 1, 2019

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I meant to mention it last month, but with the dissertation it was put on the backburner. I wrote my first post on this blog last year on February 1, 2018. A year later I have written 164 blog posts, writing 86,243 words total. This is an average of around 525 words per post. Reveries of the Solitary Jogger is a tiny part of the internet. I mean — for the month of February 2019, I received 190 views from 107 visitors. Not much. But, in February 2018, I received 36 views from 1 visitor (probably Bruno), so I would say that is quite the leap! I’m grateful to be writing just for fun and I hope that I do, at least sometimes, post something useful or helpful.

Not much really caught my eye this week, so it is a short favorite things for the week.

I love this twenty-twenty-twenty rule.

A must-read: Wealthy, Successful, and Miserable.

Related: Against the hustle and grind. I had a good chuckle at the opening line, “I saw the greatest minds of my generation log 18 hour days.” Also, that WeWork “community” sounds downright creepy. No thanks.

What did I miss? Did you read anything on the internet that you found insightful or inspiring this week?

Have a great weekend!



Favorite Things: February 16 – 22, 2019

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Today is the day of the Open! I’ll admit 19.1 will already be a challange for considering wall balls are my least favorite CrossFit movement of all. We usually go at noon, but today we are going to go do the work out at 5:30. I’m excited and extremely nervous. It is about to be a sufferfest!

Other than that, there are no major plans for this weekend. Tomorrow is sourdough Saturday, so I’ll make some bread. I’m just looking forward to relaxing (which is what I’ve been doing all week) and getting the house in order. Next week, I’m hoping to get more on a schedule and actually do things instead of loafing around all day. Ah, the joys of Ph.D. life.

Here are this week’s favorite things:

If you need ideas for your morning routine.

Exercise recovery: I agree that there is probably a lot hokey products out there, but that does not necessarily mean that all exercise recovery is a sham. That said, I would still be interested in reading this book.

Idle time: recovery for your brain. Who is Jean-Jacques Rousseau? I don’t even know anymore.

In praise of the useless life.

Lessons learned from eight years of writing an adventure blog.

The myth of the overnight success.

Welcome to the machine.

Drinking out of one right now.

Eating healthy on the budget, or the joys of rice and beans.

Big plans for this weekend? Are you doing the Open? Do you share my irrational loathing of wall balls?

Have a great weekend!


Favorite Things: February 2-8, 2019

favorite things

Happy Friday! This is the last weekend for the big two days — the dissertation defense and public presentation. I have been a bundle of nerves these last few days, especially as I begin to work on my presentation. What am I going to say? What if it is boring? I will admit that it has been hard to stay calm and an emergency double-bacon cheeseburger from a new burger place was ordered last night. Do not judge me.

So — not much is planned for this week. I have some family coming up for the presentation, so the house will have to be cleaned, the presentation written, and hopefully some time spent outside to calm my frazzled nerves. Assuming all goes well, this will be the last weekend when someone asks what I’m doing, I’ll respond, “I have to work on my dissertation.” I hope to end it on a high note.

Here are a few favorites for this week:

Appropriate for my birthday week.

I agree. Getting a Ph.D. is harder than running a marathon.

I love Allie Kiefer.

And Liza Howard might also be my new hero.

An article about mental toughness and running, but I think it is helpful for all aspects in life.

This cracked me up: pretentious foodie mom declares child will never eat from kid’s menu.

Great article on Crossfit and pregnancy.

Happy a great and relaxing weekend!

Favorite Things : January 26 – February 1, 2019

favorite things

Happy Friday, all! If you are in the mid-west, I hope you are surviving. I was outside for just a bit today after CrossFit and it felt really pleasant outside. It was in fact 12 degrees. Crazy what a few days of -40 degree weather will do to how you feel the cold! On Sunday when it will be 48 degrees, it will feel like summer!

I have a short list of links for you this week. I’ve been kind of watching my internet time while I am trying to get things done, so not as much web surfing was done. That said, it did end up being a productive week. That Cal Newport might be onto something.

Fun fact: Not exercising may be worse for you than smoking.

I will be following the Foodie Runner’s post-partum running journey very closely. Even though I know everyone’s experience is different, I kind of want to know what a return to running post-partum looks like. I did enjoy another one of her posts on running while pregnant.

Making fun of the bourgeois Peloton bike advertisements.

Perhaps controversial, but I think this article by Lionel Shriver on our indictment of art during the #metoo era worth thinking about.

Have a great weekend!