Monday Miles : February 19 – 25, 2018

monday miles, running

Eight weeks! Double-digit runs! So much ice cream! This last week was my best week of running yet. I know I keep repeating myself, but I will say it over and over and over and over again: I am so grateful. Those miles where I listen to podcasts and music and move my feet have made my mornings and the rest of my days much more alive, even when those runs have had to take place on the treadmill.

Injury & Niggles Update: IT Band still hurts a bit, but only a bit. I think is getting better? See my Saturday ten miler for thoughts on that. My left hip did not bother me at all, but my hip flexors still feel tight without causing me any trouble.

2/19 : MTV Pilates & Yoga with Adriene for the Psoas.

2/20 : IT Band & Core routine, 3 miles.

2/21 : 5 mile run, 30 minutes @ 9 min pace. 3 x 10 Assisted pull-ups; 3 x 10 push-ups. IT Band & Core routine. I know 9 min pace is slow for, well, a lot of people, but I was really happy to be able to do that pace again. When I started the 30 minutes, I was not sure that I was going to be able to do that. Those thoughts started right at the first minute, so I just made a sort of military cadence chant to myself as I ran: “I can do anything for 30 minutes, I can do anything for 30 minutes. Why? Because I feel good. Why? Because I’m strong. I can do anything for 29 minutes…” Yeah. Over and over again. It worked though!

2/22 : IT Band & Core routine, 3 miles.

2/23 : IT Band & Core routine.

2/24 : This was it. This was the day! 10 miles. I started about 10:30ish pace and then finished my last mile I think at around 8:50ish (I couldn’t stop myself). I averaged about 10:04/mile. Bruno ran this with me and it was just a lot of fun. I love going long. I love just being outside and I felt like I could forever. And most importantly nothing hurt. Not even my IT Band. Nothing even felt the least bit of bad at all. It was a good day. I definitely rewarded myself with some ice cream afterwards.

2/25 : MTV Yoga. Yes, this is so old. But I found it on youtube and I used to do it all the time and loved it. So yeah, I started doing it again. I can still quote Kristin McGee on everything.

Total: 21 miles !!!!

Happy miles everyone!

xo, Ali